Sex Specific Mental Health Evaluations™

Candice provides Sex Specific Forensic/Mental Health Evaluations™ (SS-MHE™) for individuals who have been charged with both non-contact(no “hands-on”) and some contact sex crimes (depending on the case and the mental health, complex trauma, military-based trauma, and/or neurological issues that are present).

Candice does not perform psychosexual evaluations. Instead, she performs evaluations that are unique and comprehensive to each individual, focusing on a person’s developmental history that tells their individual story while providing the most plausible reason WHY they committed their specific sex crime. She includes a wealth of research and data to support all of her findings. She gathers critical information from the individual, collateral data from other sources, and the most up-to-date peer-reviewed research to provide the court with an in-depth understanding of the person's history and mental health or neurodiverse issues. Her recommendations include accurate treatment interventions based on Risk, Need, and Responsivity (RNR) principles that guide our criminal justice system. For USCIS immigration cases, she assesses for risk based on the USCIS guidelines. 

Types of Cases

  • High profile, highly publicized cases

  • First Time Offenders

  • Viewing, receiving, distributing Child Sexual Abuse Images (formerly called Child Pornography)

  • Military Sex Crime Cases

  • Online Solicitation of a Minor

  • Self-Produced Child Sexual Abuse Images & Distribution (i.e., "Teen Sexting")

  • Sexual Extortion Cases ("Sextortion")

  • Neuro-Cognitive, Neuro-Developmental Issues (Autism Spectrum Traits, Parkinson's, Traumatic Brain Injury, Chronic Mental Illness)

  • Substance Abuse, Pornography Addiction

  • Prostitution ("Johns")

  • Medical and Other Professional Sex Crimes Cases Impacting One’s License

  • Statutory Rape

  • Minor being Charged as an Adult

  • Individuals with Risky Sexual Behavior referred by their Therapist (these individuals are not in the criminal justice system)

  • USCIS Cases (Immigration Cases)

Criminal Proceedings

Candice is hired to assess cases for: 

  • Justice, District, and Federal Court

  • The Board of Pardons Special Attention Hearings

  • Medical & Professional Boards (licensing complaints, license reinstatement)

  • Stages of the Judicial Process

  • USCIS Immigration Cases

Judicial Process

Candice is hired to evaluate and at times to provide expert testimony at the following stages of the judicial process:

  • Pre-conviction/Pre-Sentencing

  • Post-conviction

  • Plea negotiations

  • Board of Pardons Special Attention Hearings

  • Medical/Professional Board Hearings